CAGOULE ANIMATION is a 2D animation studio founded by Louise-Andrée Lapointe and Mathieu Labbé, two Montreal animators who, after several years of experience in the animation industry working on animated series, decided to start their own independent studio. Real animation rebels!

Our goal? Use our expertise in 2D animation and our creativity to offer an accessible and personalized 2D animation production service.

Our studio is managed directly by experienced animators. With us the client connects directly with the artists, without any middle men, to allow for a real collaboration and personalized support during all the production process.

We offer a complete service, from concept to completion.

Above all else, at CAGOULE ANIMATION we believe that in animation everything is possible. This is why we put forward creativity, originality and imagination.

To make your craziest ideas come true, we are the ones to call.

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How much does a 2D animated video cost?

It depends on several factors:

1) The length of the video

2) The amount of characters

3) The amount of backgrounds

4) The complexity of the animation

The longer the video, the more complex the animation has to be, the more characters and backgrounds there is to create, the higher the price will be.

We have to consider these criteria in the planning of your project depending of your budget. We recommend to put the emphasis on 1 or 2 criteria to minimize costs.

For example: A short video with lots of characters, lots of backgrounds and a simple animation style. Or a longer video, with 1 or 2 characters, some backgrounds and more complex animations.

Regardless of your budget, our team will be able to adapt to your needs and provide you with a well made, original and unique product.

Our creativity is at your service, it will be our pleasure to brainstorm with you and to offer you several possible options for your project according to your means.

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Our Demo Reel, which brings together several clips from the projects that have been carried out so far by the CAGOULE ANIMATION team:

Music video created by CAGOULE ANIMATION for ROUGE POMPIER, in collaboration with SLAM DISQUES:

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